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Health, vitality, and the joy of living – all are within your reach! You can restore natural energy to your body and mind despite the stress of everyday life, exposure to electrosmog and geopathic radiation! At Studio Sante, you can raise your biovitality to feel better, look younger, and live longer! We are all a form of energy and we draw this energy from Nature! Structured Water, healthy food, relaxation, breathing, physical activity, biological renewal, contact with nature and places with high natural energy will all raise your bioenergy. All of this is available for you at Studio Sante City Spa – right in the heart of Warsaw. Studio Sante is a holistic SPA & Wellness centre, where your body will get the comprehensive stimulation it needs for self-regeneration. The building has been protected from harmful radiation which would otherwise weaken the effect of the therapies offered and make relaxation more difficult, and the SPA and Wellness centre’s offer has been prepared so that guests can gain the maximum benefit from life-giving Nature while enjoying treatments and relaxation. Structured Water, saunas and rest areas with high biovitality, the purifying power of minerals, healthy food by Sante without artificial additives available at the Bistro Sante, and balanced exercise will all raise your biovitality! You will forget about stress and fatigue, and feel a rush of life energy!


“I’ve just got to recharge my batteries!” is what we say when we need new energy. But this is more than just a metaphor! We ARE energy! It penetrates our bodies and flows through us like blood, emitted in the form of vibrations. The Chinese call it “Qi”, the Japanese “Ki”, while those of the Hindu faith call it “Prana” and identify it with the essence of life. The human body, just like every other living organism, generates biomagnetic energy fields emitted at a specific frequency. This has been confirmed by respected scientific authorities in the USA and Russia. Our bodies, a curious kind of electromagnetic circuit, draw energy from Nature, the Earth, the Sun, and the Cosmos. This has also been confirmed repeatedly by the work of scientists! It is this bioenergy, or biovitality (also known as life energy or vital forces), that is a guarantee of health and a sense of well-being! We are in constant need of an energy recharge, as in the modern world there are many factors which drain this energy. Fortunately, these vital forces can be regenerated at Studio Sante City Spa!


High biovitality is a synonym of health and an excellent sense of well-being! It is not only the absence of illness and pain, but also physical fitness, beauty, a shapely figure, strength, the will to action, peace of mind, a smile and the joy of living, love, acceptance of ourselves, and a feeling of fulfilment. When we have high biovitality, we are more able to cope with stress, we are less susceptible to negative emotions, we think positively, and look bravely into the future. The world is our oyster, because we are open to its beauty and approach the unexpected with distance and calm. Our bodies regenerate more quickly and return to balance even after exhausting labour. A light and warming energy flows uninterrupted through the energy channels of our bodies, protecting us from illness. We are spiritually, physically, and emotionally strong, while at the same time more calm and focused. High biovitality (above 7000 Bv) means better quality of life in every aspect! At Studio Sante City Spa we raise your biovitality, and our experts will tell you how to take care of your health and sense of well-being.


The levels of our body’s energy can be lowered by stress, illness, bad life experiences, lack of physical activity, geopathic radiation resulting from underground water veins, electrosmog or radiation emitted by mobile phones, computers, TVs, radios, electronic networks, radar, cell phone transmitter stations, and other electrical devices. It is believed that exposure to electromagnetic and geopathic radiation not only worsens mood and disrupts the functions of many internal organs, but is also a factor in many types of cancer. The consumption of food containing preservatives, chemical additives, and flavour enhancers also affects our life energy very negatively. In the modern world, nearly all of us are exposed to risk factors, which is why regeneration of life forces is so essential!


It is accepted that the average level of biovitality of a healthy individual is about 6500 Bv. Values above 6500 Bv indicate good physical and mental condition, an appropriate level of reserves of vital forces, and a generally good state of health, reflected in a sense of well-being. A biovitality level of around 6000-6400 Bv indicates a weakened body, and around 5500-6000 Bv suggests a mild illness, while during a serious illness biovitality may fall to 5000-5500 Bv, and in severe cases even below 5000 Bv. If biovitality falls below 6000 Bv, microorganisms which are present at all times in our bodies are activated and begin to attack heathy tissues. If a person is ill for a longer period, life forces are systematically lost, and the biofields emit vibrations characteristic of illness. The lower our bioenergy at the moment of falling ill, the more difficult our illness will be. Even temporary drops in biovitality resulting from exhaustion, lack of sleep, or exposure to harmful radiation may lower our resistance and open the gates to sickness. Low biovitality also means a lack of life energy!


Biovitality levels can be raised by spending time in places which emit high energy, such as Studio Sante, by drinking Structured Water and eating high-vibration food, by physical activity, biological renewal, meditation, and contact with Nature. All this is offered at Studio Sante!



Studio Sante City Spa is a SPA & Wellness centre with a very high biovitality level, which raises the levels of those staying here. The level of bioenergy of all the saunas, pools, and rest areas is regularly measured and amounts to (depending on the place) from 7100 to 9800 Bv (on a scale of 10 000!). This is considerably more than the limit value of 6500 Bv, at which the place begins to have a positive influence on the body. The high energy parameters of Studio Sante are the result of a carefully planned pro-health design, which takes into consideration the protection of our guests from harmful geopathic radiation and which offers a range of treatments to raise bioenergy.


Harmful radiation leads to disruption of the function of body systems, and difficulty in relaxation, therapeutic and biological renewal. To compensate for this harmful influence:

  • The entire building has been protected with a band of veined quartz, which mediates the influence of underground water canals and harmful geopathic radiation.
  • the water supply in the entire building has been fitted with Structured Water, which has a powerful effect on people, places, and plants.
  • The architectural design takes into account the principles of geometric power places, enabling the concentration of cosmic energy, the source of vital forces for people.
  • Striped silica, black silica and amethyst are used not only as beautiful decorative elements of the building, but also act as natural filters which reduce harmful geopathic radiation.
  • Silica is a mineral which has protective and energising properties; and the silicon which it contains helps eliminate fatigue, calm, and improve mood.
  • Black silica naturally emits negative ions, raising the body’s energy levels.
  • Amethyst, a type of crystalline quartz with a beautiful violet colour, cleanses the place of negative energy, restoring natural balance, releasing stress, and positively influencing the subconscious.
  • Himalayan salt, a mineral of cleansing and vitality, emits pre-energy in the form of vibrations, evening out the body’s energy fields and unblocking energy channels.
  • The mandala symbol, a sign of harmony and perfection, aids in relaxation and meditation. The mandala raises the levels of bioenergy and strengthens the effects of therapies and treatments.
  • In many places, materials have been used which accumulate tachyon energy, which effectively limits the influence of electrosmog on the body and balances our internal energy. Tachyon energy is the highest form of energy in the universe, and does not produce any side effects. It forms a link between being and infinity with the intelligent information of divine creation.


The choice of treatments and therapies offered at Studio Sante is dictated by our concern for the maximum biovitality of our guests.

  • Throughout the spa, Structured Water with a hexagonal structure and high energy potential has been used. Research conducted by professor Mu Shik Jhon confirms that the healthiest water for the human body should have a hexagonal structure, as this enables its easy flow through cellular channels, rapidly supplying nutrients and effectively excreting toxins. Bathing in Structured Water raises biovitality, strengthens life forces, and improves mood. It reduces stress and relaxes. Structured Water stimulates self-healing processes, restoring life energy, and harmonising the mind and body. Structured Water flows from every tap at Studio Sante, and is used in the pools, saunas, and treatment rooms. It is available free of charge for drinking in the sauna zone and at Bistro Sante.
  • The Structured Water used in the silicone jacuzzi, Himalayan salt and magnesium jacuzzi, and the recreational pool aid the process of regenerating life forces, and enhance the therapeutic effects of the minerals.
  • Structured Water in the form of steam in the steam room, thanks to its hexagonal structure, provides excellent moisturisation for every cell of the skin and energises the body. The biovitality of the steam room is as high as 7900 Bv!
  • The energy level of the black silica stone tiles in the Japanese Ganbanyoku sauna is 7600 Bv. Black Silica emits negative ions, and the tiles emit tachyons, cosmic radiation which raises human bioenergy.
  • The energy level of the Goldarium is an amazing 9800 Bv. Only 3 minutes there can raise biovitality by as much as 1000 units!
  • The Himalayan salt used in the Salt Grotto and the jacuzzi with Structured Water and magnesium emits photon energy, strengthening the body’s energy fields. Additionally, Himalayan salt emits negative ions, which neutralise the effects of electromagnetic smog.
  • The music played at the SPA & Wellness centre, at a frequency of 432 Hz, and colour therapy also raise energy levels and create comfortable conditions for meditation.
  • Guests have access to a Finish sauna, biosauna, and a Sunny Meadow (a safe sunbathing zone with rejuvenating collagen lamps), which also have very high bioenergy potential.



Water is life! But not every water is the same, and not all water can raise biovitality. The quality of water can be seen not only in it physical and chemical properties, but also in its internal structure, which can either reflect order and harmony or chaos and bad feelings. Structured Water at Studio Sante is water which has the optimal hexagonal structure and regenerating properties which Nature intended. It has high energy parameters (7500-9300 Bv), and emits positive energy in the form of vibrations. It is for this reason that Structured Water raises our biovitality and strengthens our life forces, while also improving mood. It reduces stress, relaxes, and calms the emotions. It has a cleansing and soothing effect on our body and skin. Structured Water stimulates self-healing processes, restoring life energy, and harmonising the mind and body.


The value of a food is not only the result of the nutrients it contains (eg. vitamins and minerals) and calories, but also the stored energy of sun which it contains in the form of photons. High vibration foods emit this energy, which also helps to nourish us and lead our bodies to order, as confirmed by the German physicist Dr Fritz-Albert Popp. The photon, according to the theory of Tom Stonier, consists of an energon (the energy carrier) and an infon (the information carrier), which oscillate, creating a resonance of electromagnetic frequency, and determining the degree of order of a given structure. Light, including that which is ingested with food, activates billions of chemical reactions in the cells. It is these biophotons which are responsible for all cellular processes taking place at the right time and place. The source of these is plants with a long vegetation period: grains and nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables. The quality of food depends on its degree of synchronisation among the biophotons which it contains. Products which do not contain preservatives, artificial colorants, or other chemical additives have a high energy potential. High vibration food raises our bioenergy and the ability of our bodies to cope with food of low biovitality. It introduces harmony at the level of body energy, reducing tiredness and fatigue, improving resistance to stress, adding energy, and reducing digestive discomfort and excessive appetite. It is the key to health, beauty, and a long life!
If you would like to find out more about energy photons in food and their influence on health, visit the Sante website!

If you would like to find out more about energy photons in food and their influence on health, visit the Sante website! 


Physical activity is life! It allows us to maintain physical fitness and an attractive figure, it provides a great sense of well-being, it prevents the occurence of the diseases of civilisation, and raises immunity. Physical activity also gives us a boost of energy! When we exercise, we feel happy, free, and fulfilled. Physical activity recharges us with positive energy which flows through the mind and body. It allows us to work off stress and tension. It provides us with satisfaction and self-confidence. It brings power to the body and peace to the mind. To achieve these results, we must also pay attention to the proper rest after physical activity. Biological renewal is an essential element in maintaining health, fitness, beauty, and good mood. It allows us to regenerate, rest, and cleanse the body. At Studio Sante we offer balanced and joyful forms of activity, as well as comprehensive biological renewal (a visit to the sauna and pool zone, massages, body treatments, manual therapies, electrostimulation, SCIO, Scenar Cosmodic, and nutritional counseling). Slow jogging, swimming, and wading in our Structured Water, aqua aerobics and aquacycling combine the benefits of functional activity with stress reduction. These are forms of activity that activate the majority of the muscles in the body, while minimising the risk of contusion. In conjunction with the treatments available at Studio Sante, they raise biovotality, and help to integrate the body and mind.


Breathing is our life energy and nutrition for our bodies. It doesn’t just keep us alive; it integrates the mind, body, and spirit. It is synonymous with the essence of life. The vibrating power of calm breathing raises our energy and adds vital forces. The increasingly fast pace of life, stress, and a sedentary lifestyle mean that our natural ability of deep diaphragm breathing is slowly disappearing. We take shallow breaths quickly, through the mouth. Deep and regular breathing is a return to the natural rhythm of the body and mind. It provides oxygen and life-giving energy to every cell of our bodies. It harmonises energy flow, and allows this energy to be accumulated. It lets us control our emotions. It is tightly connected to the maintenance of correct posture, which also improves the figure and prevents overextension. Proper breathing relaxes us and calms our emotions. Breathing is focus, presence, and concentration. It allows us to achieve higher states of consciousness and meditation. It allows us to free our minds and bodies. Correct breathing is the foundation of health and vitality!


The biovitality of a human being, food, water, or even a place can be measured with the radiestetic method. The results are presented on the Bovis scale (from 0 to 10 000 units), developed by André Bovis, a French scholar. Biovitality can also be measured by means of a biospherometer, which enables a psychosomatic measurement of the entire body. Using a biospherometer, it is possible to study the biofields and biosphere of the human body and diagnose the state of its aura and chakras. The result reflects the state of health, and visible disturbances are a sign of disorder in the organs which are associated with each chakra, or a signal of blocked energy in the body. The biospherometer also shows biovitality results according to the international Bovis scale. Electromagnetic energy is also emitted by every organism in the form of biophotons, as claimed by Dr Fritz-Albert Popp, the well-known German physicist. He developed a method of measuring which made it possible to define the energy state of the body. One of Popp’s most important discoveries was that high quality food is characterised by a high level of biophoton emission. The more high vibration food we consume, the better our health and well-being. Biovitality can also be measured using so-called Kirlian photography. This type of photography records an image of the so-called coronal discharges on the surface of objects which are subjected to high voltage currents. The image of the biofield which arises is recorded on a photographic plate. The biofields of human beings and of all other types of matter can be seen using a Kirlian camera. Studies conducted have indicated that the biofield changes together with the health state of the studied person. Based on the images and colours, a guess on existing illnesses can be made, and sometimes illnesses which have not yet presented symptoms can be diagnosed. Kirlian photography research is currently used in some hospitals in the USA and Russia. Bioenergy can also be measured using a GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization) camera. This is a modern, electronic version of Kirlian photography. It is used, among other places, at the Central Institute of Medicine and at the Military Academy of Medicine in Russia, as well as at many military and medical institutions around the world. Systematic study of the aura using GDV imaging is being conducted by Dr Konstantin Korotkov of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Finally, biovitality levels may be measured using a SCIO device – a state-of-the-art certified medical device. The operation of the SCIO device is based on bioresonance and biofeedback – the device communicates with the body by means of electromagnetic waves. One of its therapeutic programs is “Harmonsiation of chakras and cleansing of the aura”. SCIO can diagnose deficits and energy blocks, and then remove them, restoring vitality and ­life forces. You can enjoy the benefits of SCIO therapy at Studio Sante City Spa.



Silicon – The element of health


A bath in the jacuzzi with Structured Water supplements silicon deficiencies in the body and regenerates life forces. Silicon is exceptionally important for our health, as when there is a deficiency of silicon nearly 70 other elements are not properly absorbed..,


EPSOM Salts – for health and beauty


A bath in Structured Water with EPSOM salts is a shot of energy and vitality. By alleviating deficiencies of magnesium and sulphur, it has a strong impact on our health and beauty. Such a bath has relaxing


Vitamin D3 – health and straight form nature


The sun is the energy of life! It inspires joy in us, motivates us to action, and charges us with positive energy! We love the sun for beautiful tans and good moods, but it gives us something more!