Stress, long hours sitting at a desk, unhealthy diet, too many responsibilities – we all know the routine. We can’t always change this routine but we can alleviate the effects that an unhealthy lifestyle has on a person’s body. We need regeneration to keep our mental balance and regain energy. A trip to a resort? A vacation in Hawaii? Or maybe a stay at SPA & Wellness? This last option you can repeat several times a week, so its effects are more long-lasting. One of the treatments offered at our spa that has recently been gaining popularity is the Ganbanyoku sauna from Japan.  Just what is Ganbanyoku and how does it affect your body?


What is Ganbanyoku?

The Ganbanyoku sauna tradition came to Poland from Japan. What is a Ganbanyoku like? Sauna visitors are taken to a room which has been laid out with slabs of volcanic black silica from the Japanese island of Hokkaido. This is the only place in the world where black silica is mined. The slabs are heated to a temperature of about  42°C, and we lay out flat on them on a towel. A pleasant warmth emanating from the silica slabs flows through our bodies, penetrating to a depth of as much as 5 cm. The word  “Ganbanyoku” means “stone bath” – it’s completely different from a Finnish sauna or steam bath. There is no water here, not even steam, guests do not sweat excessively, there is no feeling of a wave of heat. There is, however, a feeling of pleasant warmth which flows throughout the whole body.

How to burn 1000 calories in 1 hour?

You would have to run about 12 kilometres or be prepared for an exhausting high intensity interval training session to burn this many calories. Or else you can simply go to the Ganbanyoku and … lie in the sauna for an hour. Ganbanyoku for slimming is a method for the lazy ones among us. The warmth which flows through the body heats it from inside, accelerating the metabolism, improving circulation, and providing a detoxification effect. A normal sauna makes you lose a lot of water. In the Ganbanyoku we lose less water in the form of sweat, but the warmth makes its way three times deeper into the body. Thanks to this, a whole variety of processes are accelerated at the cellular level. The silica slabs emit FIR radiation (so-called Far Infrared), which makes fats melt and stimulates natural detoxification processes. Problems with losing weight are sometimes complicated by the presence of toxins in the body – removing these with a session in the Ganbanyoku may be the first step towards effective weight loss.


Ganbanyoku – health benefits

The Japanese Ganbanyoku sauna has a positive impact on the whole body. Regular use of this stone bath can provide effects such as:

  • calorie burning
  • reduction of cellulite
  • cleansing of the body
  • rejuvenation of the skin
  • stress reduction and a calming effect
  • anti-depressant effect
  • regeneration of the body
  • increase in vital energy levels
  • increased immunity

Ganbanyoku stimulates the production of leucocytes ad NK cells (natural killers), which aid the body’s effective immunological response.


Ganbanyoku sauna – where can I find one?

Until recently, the only place to enjoy a Ganbanyoku sauna was in Japan, where this form of relaxation is highly popular. One of the few places in Poland offering sessions in a Ganbanyoku is Studio Sante City Spa in Warsaw. The optimum session length is 45-60 minutes.


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