Dear Guests,

We value the safety of us all very much!
From now on, in the entrance to the Sante Studio, we have placed a MOBILE THERMOMETRY DISINFECTION CHANNEL for disinfecting the whole body, so called “dry fog” (from pure salt, which is harmless to health), along with contact-free body temperature measurement and contact-free hand disinfection.
This is the latest solution on the market, which will allow us to take even more care of the health and safety of our guests and our stuff.

We are waiting for you in Studio Sante!

Watch an instructional video of the cabin:


1. Face aprox. 30 cm in front of the meter to measure the body temperature and place your hands on the disinfectant.

2. If the measured body temperature is normal, push the PVC curtain and enter the disinfection chamber. If the body temperature is not normal, you will see the light signal and sound warning signal will be heard.

3. After entering the disinfection chamber, lift your arms at a right angle and rotate around your axis.

4. After 8-10 seconds, you can leave the chamber.