Monika Pisarek

Certified cosmetician

Certified cosmetician.

I specialise in the care of the face and body. I graduated from a post-secondary course of Cosmetology in Warsaw in 2001, and have completed many training courses in the use of the latest cosmetology technology in the fields of micro-dermabrasion, hydroabrasion, oxygen therapy, microneedle RF, mesotherapy, and endermology. Cosmetology is my passion. I have worked in the industry for 16 years. I gained experience by working in well-known SPAs and specialist cosmetological and medical clinics. I am passionate about treatments which combine the power of natural preparations with the latest advances in science, technology, and medicine, thanks to which natural healing processes are stimulated, giving a powerful regenerating and rejuvenating effect. I’m also passionate about make-up and styling. I am a graduate of the Jolanta Wagner European Academy of Artistic Aesthetics in Warsaw (2008), and have also completed courses in the Long Time Liner permanent make-up method at the Sharley Institute in Warsaw (2006). I am an open person, full of positive energy. In my free time, I love reading books and working on my garden to make it even more beautiful than the year before. For me, my family and our dog are absolutely priceless.