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New energy, excellent mood, reduced stress, silky smooth and revitalised skin – that’s exactly what A Day at Studio Sante Sauna for Two will give you. The packet includes: 2 x exclusive body ritual, unlimited stay in the pool and sauna zone! Time spent together is priceless, so let’s celebrate it! A relaxing body ritual cleanses, moisturises, and rejuvenates the skin. It adds firmness and elasticity to retain a youthful beauty and glow. The relaxation massage loosens tense muscles, relaxes, and improves well-being. A stay in the cosy pool and sauna zone will raise you biovitality and bring you total relaxation. If you would like to express your love for your loved one, are looking for an original wedding present, or would like a romantic anniversary celebration, choose A Day at the Sauna for Two.



• 2 x body ritual (120 min.) – to choose from:
Sweet temptation,
Chocolate chili,
Green secret
(The ritual is performed in one office at a time)
• 2 x relaxing stay with no time limit in the swimming pool and sauna area at Studio Sante Municipal Spa
Available: recreational pool with Structured water, Jacuzzi with Himalayan salt and magnesium, jacuzzi with silicon water, Ganbanyoku – Japanese rock sauna, Goldarium – gold rest room, salt cave, Finnish sauna, bio sauna, steam bath, cooling zone, Sunny meadow – zone safe tanning, collagen lamps
• Bathrobe for each person
• PLN 60 to be used in the Sante Bistro

Bora Bora (peeling, mask, oil application) + relaxation massage

The Sweet Temptation ritual rejuvenates and relaxes. It consists of a beautifying Bora Bora body treatment and a relaxation massage. A coconut peeling treatment cleanses the skin of contaminants a dead skin cells. It stimulates microcirculation and prepares the skin for the application of anti-ageing cosmetics. It effectively slows the ageing process. A mask of coconut fibres, red algae, and seawater moisturises, rejuvenates, softens, and regenerates the skin. Coconut oil enriched with essential grapeseed oil and Sargassum algae extract protects the skin from infections, irritation, and inflammatory states. It aids in achieving natural skin balance and creates a protective barrier against UV radiation. Thanks to the Bora Bora beautifying treatment, your skin will be moist, bright, and silky smooth, while a massage will ensure deep renewal of the body, relaxation, and rest.

Brazilian Samba (peeling, mask, oil application) + relaxation massage

The Chocolate Chili ritual energises and relaxes. It consists of an energising Brazilian Samba body treatment and relaxation massage. A refreshing salt peeling removes dead skin cells and other pollutants, simultaneously stimulating microcirculation. It has energising and anti-ageing effects. A mask of cocoa, red pepper, guarana, acerola, and thalasso oligo seawater powder warms and energises the muscles. Cocoa stimulates endorphin secretion, revitalises the body and facilitates a state of bliss. Acerola makes the skin more elastic and prevents ageing. An orange wax with Brazil nut essential oils provides outstanding revitalisation and care. The relaxation massage ensures deep body renewal, relaxation, and rest.

Tea Garden (peeling, mask, oil application) + relaxation massage

The Green Secret ritual consists of a Tea Garden cleansing treatment and a relaxation massage. It combines the detox effects of anti-ageing cosmetics by the renowned firm Beauty Creation with the relaxing effects of a massage. A salt peeling treatment removes pollutants and dead skin cells, while activating circulation. White, black, and green tea extracts effectively neutralise the actions of free radicals. A mask containing skin nutrients derived from tea and algae provides strong detoxification, enhancing the protection provided by the skin while leaving it firm. Silky grapeseed oil with a hint of tea, enriched with Wakame seaweed extract, pampers and rejuvenates the skin, leaving it velvety smooth, elastic, and bright. The relaxation massage ensures deep body renewal, relaxation, and rest.


Available for guests:

  • Recreational pool with Structured Water
  • Jacuzzi with Himalayan salt and magnesium
  • Jacuzzi with silicon water
  • Ganbanyoku – Japanese stone sauna
  • Goldarium – gold relaxation room
  • Salt grotto
  • Finnish sauna
  • Biosauna with aromatherapy
  • Steam bath
  • Sunny meadow: a safe sunbathing zone with light collagen therapy
  • cooling zone

Bathing in pools with Structured Water, which accelerates detoxification and raises vital energy. In combination with colour therapy and music therapy, it ensures deep relaxation.

A steam bath in the steam room with Structured Water offers excellent skin moisturisation.

Therapists A DAY AT THE SAUNA FOR TWO - Studio Sante Warszawa

Kacper Marczak


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Elżbieta Czajkowska

Certified cosmetician, specialising in care of the face and body

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Igor Sęczkowski

Physiotherapist, massage specialist

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Ewa Brzezińska

Physiotherapist, massage therapist, trigger point therapy specialist

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