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This is a luxurious packet which includes a body peeling, a Yonelle facial treatment (your choice), and an unlimited stay in the sauna and pool zone. The peeling leaves your skin perfectly cleansed and refreshed. The Yonelle treatment is a comprehensive regeneration operation for facial skin. Relaxation in the sauna and pool zone will help regenerate life force and give you a shot of vital energy.



• 1 x body scrub (30 minutes)
• 1 x Yonelle treatment – to choose from:
PRO VITAL – intensive moisturizing treatment
CONTRA AGE – anti-aging treatment, with hyaluronic and glycolic acid, for all skin types
CONTRA SEBUM – anti-seborrhoea treatment, with shikimic acid and vitamin C, for mixed, oily, thick skin
CONTRA REDNESS – a regenerating treatment for vasoconstrictor
MAN VITALIC – cleansing treatment with strong moisturizing for all types of men’s skin
• 1 x relaxing stay with no time limit in the swimming pool and sauna area at Studio Sante Municipal Spa
Available: recreational pool with Structured water, jacuzzi with Himalayan salt and magnesium, jacuzzi with silicon water, Ganbanyoku – Japanese rock sauna, Goldarium – gold rest room, salt cave, Finnish sauna, bio-sauna with aromatherapy, steam bath, Sunny meadow: safe zone tanning and collagen light therapy, cooling zone
• Bathrobe
• PLN 30 to be used in Bistro Sante



Your skin will become silky soft, perfectly moisturised and elastic, cleansed of pollutants and the exterior layer of dead skin cells, regaining its shine and energy. The highest quality cosmetics by Beauty Creation containing only natural extracts from algae and plants are used in the peeling. Our therapist will select a line of cosmetics which best suits your skin type, to maximise the effects of the treatment.



PRO-VITAL – intensive moisturisation, smoothing and improving the condition of the skin, even extremely dry skin. This treatment improves the elasticity of the skin and refreshes its tone, and is especially recommended for smokers and others exposed to the effects of air-conditioning and excessive sunlight. It has a preventive effect against ageing and against wrinkles.

CONTRA-AGE – the perfect anti-ageing treatment. Provides an amazing smoothing effect, refreshes and lightens the skin while providing multi-level moisturisation. It firms the skin, leaving it more elastic, and stimulating the cellular regeneration cycle and synthesis of basic skin proteins.

CONTRA-SEBUM – an effective treatment against seborrhoea. It has an excellent cleansing and matting effect, leaving the skin surface amazingly smooth and reducing visibility of dilated pores. The treatment regulates sebaceous glands, removes dead skin cells, and stimulates growth of new cells It moisturises, lightens, and evens out skin tone, giving a fresh look.

CONTRA-REDNESS – a spectacularly effective treatment for couperose skin, which reduces redness of the skin, and lightens it, while regenerating and smoothing. It strengthens blood vessel walls, leaving them more elastic, and soothing the symptoms of irritation. Also recommended for men.

MAN-VITALIC – deeply cleanses and smoothes the surface of the skin, moisturising and refreshing its appearance while reducing visibility of pores. It removes old skin cells and stimulates the production of new ones, improving the condition of the skin. It gives a man’s face a fresh and well-groomed look.



Please arrive to your initial appointment at least 10 minutes early.

Therapists A DAY AT THE SPA – A SHOT OF VITAL ENERGY - Studio Sante Warszawa

Elżbieta Czajkowska

Certified cosmetician, specialising in care of the face and body

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Monika Pisarek

Certified cosmetician

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