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Aqua aerobics at Studio Sante City Spa takes place in water. This velvety, exceptionally soft, pearly water cleanses and smoothes the skin, soothing irritation and blemishes. By exercising in water, you’ll drop unwanted kilos, reduce cellulite, and give your body a beautiful shape. Exercise in water is recommended to women who are pregnant or who have recently given birth, as it helps eliminate tension, improves appearance and self-esteem, and helps combat stress and fatigue. The pools at Studio Sante are fitted with an innovative new filtration technology which eliminates the harmful side effects of products used for disinfection (chlorine) on swimmers. While using the pool, guests do not breathe in harmful chlorine vapours, or risk negative consequences from exposure to this substance. This state-of-the-art filtration system means that our water is microbiologically pure, leaving the skin velvety smooth without drying it out after bathing.

Thanks to the unique properties of water, your skin will be oxygenated, moisturised, and revitalised, and you’ll feel a noticeable improvement in its condition. Exercise in such water will strengthen your muscles, relieve tension, and regenerate and rejuvenate your joints. Your body’s endurance will increase, you’ll become more fit, and you’ll experience a reduction in back pain or entirely rid yourself of it.  Fitness sessions with aqua aerobics in the water pool are a fun form of exercise which combines the benefits of water aerobics with the high vibration power of Sante water!



Aqua aerobics is a moderately intensive form of exercise, done in water. Aqua aerobics is an excellent way to get rid of excess kilos, get slim and shape your body, as the water provides natural resistance to your movements. Thanks to this extra resistance, the number of calories burned is greater. Aqua aerobics is also a kind of water massage; it relaxes the mind and body, accelerates the metabolism, slims, and reduces cellulite. While exercising, you strengthen muscle tone, burn fat, and condition your cardiovascular‑and respiratory systems, while increasing the endurance of your entire body. You’ll feel fitter, healthier, and happier! These exercises do not place a strain on your joints, which is why this is an ideal activity for people who suffer from back pain, muscular and joint degeneration, osteoporosis, or who are undergoing post-trauma rehabilitation. They are also a fantastic way to take care of yourself during and after pregnancy! Exercise in water is recommended to pregnant women and new mothers as it does not place an excessive burden on the body, relaxes the muscles and reduces tension, supports the spine, reduces ankle, calf and knuckle swelling, and after pregnancy helps regain a slender physique! It gives a boost of positive energy and physical and mental regeneration which is so necessary for pregnant women and recent mothers too, who are dealing with the exhausting work of taking care of the little one!



Aqua aerobics is a series of exercises in water, accompanied by carefully selected, dynamic music. The instructor demonstrates the moves and sets the pace, taking into account the abilities and predispositions of the participants. Some of the exercises may be done with the aid of polyurethane pool floats (so-called ‘spaghetti’), foam weights, and resistance belts. You don’t need to know how to swim, as at all times the exercises take place in areas of the pool where participants are at a safe standing depth. Aqua aerobics is a joyful form of exercise which relaxes the mind and body, providing good fun!

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