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Discover the pleasure of tropical rain or a delicate mist surrounding your body! Get a fresh feeling after the sauna by cooling your face and chest with delicate crystals of ice! Immerse yourself in the cooling pool to harden your body! It is thanks to the proper cooling of the body after using the sauna that the body is refreshed and stimulated, giving you a boost of life energy and strengthening your immune system. The water used in the pools leaves your skin better oxygenated, improves its firmness and elasticity, reduces wrinkles, irritations and symptoms of allergies, acne, and blackheads. Your skin will become smoother and take on a new glow. The capacity and strength of your circulatory system will also be improved. In the cooling zone, you can enjoy showers, the Sensational Shower, the ice bowl, Kneipp hoses, and cooling pools with water with high biovitality. Thanks to the life-giving power of this water, you will feel a rush of energy and an increase in vitality. Studio Sante City Spa with water is a unique SPA & Wellness facility in Poland.




During the cooling process, the blood transports more oxygen to the tissues, improving the function of all the body’s organs. Water increases oxygen flow to every cell of the body and stimulates the metabolism. A cool shower with water is a kind of delicate hydromassage which aids in weight loss and reduction to cellulite. It activates detoxification processes, and ha a soothing effect on the skin. The closure of the pores which takes place during cooling is one of the most important treatments, allowing you to regain a youthful and healthy appearance for the skin. It does not just visibly improve the appearance of the skin; it also reduces blackheads, which can also cause infection and eczema. This is especially important for women with oily or mixed complexions, who struggle with excessive expansion of pores. Water also soothes irritations, reduces symptoms of allergies, and evens out irregularities of the complexion, leaving the skin velvety soft.


Cooling is a crucial factor in the prophylactic and healing power of the sauna. During the cooling process, the internal cooling process of the body is interrupted, meaning that the body stops perspiring. This reduces the frequency of heart contractions, the blood becomes saturated with oxygen, and he whole body is deeply oxygenated. The capacity and strength of your respiratory system is also improved. Alternating changes in temperature from high (gradually) to higher, and next (during cooling) to lower are an excellent way to naturally build immunity and harden the body.


  • showers with water
  • a unique Sensational Shower (a warm tropical rain, cool tropical rain, and mist)
  • Kneipp hoses
  • ice bowl (ice with the consistency of melting snow for cooling the face and chest)
  • cooling pools – interior and exterior
  • Water – available for drinking free of charge and without limit


  • Insufficient cooling may cause a cold due to expanded blood vessels and extended perspiration. Take care to thoroughly cool the body.
  • Begin cooling by rinsing the body in the shower, first with cool water, then with cold water. Begin the cooling process from the feet, and gradually move upwards. Next, immerse yourself in the cooling pool.
  • Use the Kneipp hoses to cool the legs (from the feet to the knees).


Interior cooling pool:

  • temperature: approx. 15°C

Exterior cooling pool:

  • temperature: approx. 15‑18°C