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Ganbanyoku – Japanese rock sauna


Ganbanyoku rejuvenates and reduces stress. It relaxes and brings calmness to the mind. Eliminates toxins and heavy metals from the body. This is an excellent way to effectively detoxify the skin and the entire body. It is irreplaceable in weight loss processes. Over the course of a 60-minute session you can lose up to 1200 calories and reduce cellulite. It is also an effective anti-aging treatment! It also supports acne treatment and accelerates healing and smoothing of wounds. The skin turns impeccably clean, elastic and firm, and the hair becomes smooth and silky. Discover even more benefits of oriental relaxation on hot Black Silica plates!

SPA & Wellness experts rate Ganbanyoku sessions among the top five most interesting holistic treatments in the world! Sante Studio City Spa is a unique place where you can make use of relaxing and healing effects of the Ganbanyoku!

Ganbanyoku (Japanese term meaning “rock bath”) is a traditional Japanese sauna improving vital energy, well-being and physique. Heat emitted from volcanic silica plates, heated to a comfortable temperature of 42 ° C, penetrates to a depth of about 5 cm, exerting a beneficial effect on the body and mind. Black Silica (black volcanic silica) is obtained in only one place in the world – in Hiyama Mountains on Hokkaido. Today, you can try this extraordinary and unique therapy at Sante Studio City Spa!



During the Ganbanyoku session, the body is working at its highest speed. While lying on heated Black Silica plates, you listen to soothing music and fully relax while your heart is pumping blood, sweating and burning calories! During one 60-minute session you can burn up to 800-1200 calories. This corresponds to running 8-12 km or half an hour of paddling. Under the influence of FIR radiation, the fat dissolves in water – fats, toxins and heavy metals are excreted along with sweat. This is a great detoxification of the body on many levels. During the session it gets rid of harmful substances that adversely affect the functioning of many organs and often enough block the weight loss process. Thanks to Ganbanyoku, the metabolism accelerates, making it easier to lose unnecessary pounds! FIR radiation penetrates the tissue three times deeper than it does during traditional sauna treatment, effectively reducing cellulite. Slimming has never been so effective and so enjoyable before Ganbanyoku!


During a Ganbanyoku session, the blood circulation improves which results in acceleration of all cellular processes. Cell metabolism is also accelerated, allowing the body to remove metabolic products faster. FIR radiation also stimulates the lymphatic system, responsible for removing toxins from the tissues. If it works efficiently, it also helps to remove toxins from fat cells, thereby supporting the process of slimming. The skin is one of the most important pathways of body cleaning, as adult’s surface area is as much as 1.5‑2m2. During the Ganbanyoku session, heat penetrates deep into the tissues, causing gradual release of the so- called pearl sweat and removing it through the skin. Heavy metals and toxins (mercury, aluminum, nicotine, ammonia, sulfuric acid) and substances derived from the breakdown of fatty compounds are removed from the body along with sweat. The organism also gets rid of dioxins, i.e. toxic organic chemicals under stress conditions. In addition, regular sessions at the rock sauna clear the skin of toxins and any impurities, making it look younger and younger.


FIR heat and radiation relax, result in better sleep and cleanse the body at cellular level. Capillaries which carry waste metabolism products from the cells operate more intensely. Dead epidermal cells are removed along with sweat, the skin remains immaculately clean, shining and smooth. Ganbanyoku stimulates the dermal fibroblasts, thereby supporting the treatment of acne, eczema and psoriasis, accelerating healing and smoothing of scars. It improves flexibility, firmness and skin tone. The so-called pearl sweat excreted during the session, as well as large amounts of sebum create a hydrolipid coating which acts as a nourishing lotion with anti-aging properties. The skin becomes soft and flexible, while hair turn smooth and silky. In order to take full advantage of the rejuvenating action of Ganbanyoku, you should not take a shower for the following approx. 2 hours. This results in improved beauty, visible relaxing effect and skin rejuvenation!


Ganbanyoku session is a time of deep relaxation. Negative ions emitted by silica plates increase psychophysical health, improve mood, reduce negative emotions – anxiety, worry and sadness, neutralize the effects of stress. They eliminate sleep disturbances and improve mental immunity. In addition, they also reduce the symptoms of tension such as migraine, nausea, diarrhea, tremors, dizziness. Ganbanyoku is the most natural antidepressive and anti=stress therapy. It is not only deep relaxation of the body, it also provides deep mental relaxation! Ganbanyoku session will make you find inner harmony and you will feel happy!



Black Silica emits far infrared (FIR) radiation and negative ions, known as “vitamins from the air”. Negative ions are a natural antioxidant – they break down and remove toxins from the circulation. FIR radiation enhances the cardiovascular system. It affects subcutaneous tissue, fascia, muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints, removing tension. Ganbanyoku is a perfect treatment not only for those leading sedentary lifestyle, but also for athletes. The combination of negative ions and FIR revitalizes the skin, promotes slimming, relieves back and shoulder pain, lowers blood pressure, supports immunity, helps to deal with allergies to pollen, diabetes, constipations, menstrual disorders, rheumatism and arthritis.


FIR radiation stimulates the production of leukocytes and lymphocytes, as well as negative ions – globulins, responsible for the effective action of the immune system. This supports the elimination of bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. Studies conducted by Dr. Gomi and Dr. Oda, outstanding immunology experts, confirmed that after as little as a single Ganbanyoku session, the activity of NK lymphocytes – which attack the tumor cells – increased by as much as 30% in the study group! Thanks to Ganbanyoku, the susceptibility to bacterial and viral infections is reduced, and in the case of disease, the body eliminates it faster, with the disease course being more gentle.


  • lie on a towel placed directly on a stone block, put your head on the headrest
  • in order to fully make use of the anti-aging effects of this treatment. After completing the session, dry your body with a tower, do not take a shower, rest for a while and replenish your fluids (up to 1 liter) – it is obligatory.
  • after resting, drink Sante water – it is available unlimited!
  • recommended treatment time – 45-60 min


  • cardiac diseases or pacemaker



  • Plate and room temperature: approx. 45 ° C
  • humidity: 50-60%
  • recommended time of stay: 45-60 minutes