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jacuzzi z solą himalajska i magnezem1

A session in a jacuzzi with Himalayan salt and magnesium dissolved in water loosens tense muscles, and relaxes the body. Thanks to the addition of EPSOM salts, it beautifies and improves the feeling of well-being, while reducing minor wrinkles and flabby skin. It limits stretch marks and cellulite, while ameliorating the symptoms of exhaustion and lack of sleep, such as bags under the eyes and a grey complexion. Sulphur adds shine to hair, firms the skin, leaving it elastic, and strengthens nails.

Magnesium is the element of life – it increases resistance to stress, reduces fatigue, improves sleep quality, and prevents muscle cramps. A saline solution regenerates the musculoskeletal system, providing relief in inflammatory, rheumatoid and joint degeneration states. It reduces back pain and accelerates the rehabilitation process. The high-saline microclimate above the surface of the water inhibits allergic reactions and improves lung ventilation. A session speeds up the metabolism, aiding in weight loss programs. It increases the body’s vitality, cleansing it of negative vibrations.



Himalayan salt is the purest salt on Earth, mined at the foot of the Himalayas. The deposits were created about 250 years ago, when the sun evaporated an ancient sea. This long exposure to sunlight and the beautiful crystal structure which was created during this process make Himalayan salt a storehouse of the sun’s energy in the form of photons. Himalayan salt contains 84 elements in a form which is easily absorbed by the human body.

EPSOM salts is another name for magnesium sulphate, containing elements which are responsible for the health and beauty of our bodies. These are most easily absorbed through the skin – and a session in a jacuzzi is an ideal way to supplement deficiencies.

Sulphur is the element of beauty. It prevents hair loss, adding strength and shine. It prevents the formation of wrinkles and flabby skin. It helps prevent breaking and splitting of nails. Sulphur also improves the metabolism, facilitating an attractive figure and weight control. It plays a role in the anti-stress protection of the body. It soothes acne and other irregularities of the skin. Cosmetics containing sulphur are used in the most exclusive rejuvenating treatments; and now you can enjoy its benefits at Studio Sante with a relaxing and warming bath in the jacuzzi.

Magnesium is the element of health. It plays a role in carbohydrate, protein, and fat metabolism. It conditions the supply of energy to the muscles and brain. It improves the function of the nervous system, has calming properties, and strengthens memory and concentration. It also has anti-spasmodic and relaxing properties. It helps fight osteoporosis and aids in the treatment of contusions. It helps prevent heart disease and regulates blood pressure, while improving digestion. Deficiencies cause nervousness, insomnia, painful muscle cramps, chronic fatigue, and tics in the eyelids. Those who live in stress, have difficult mental or physical work, pregnant women and women undergoing menopause often suffer from these symptoms. The absorbability of magnesium obtained from food is about 40%, which is why it is a good idea to supplement this element with bathing in our jacuzzi.



A session in a jacuzzi with Himalayan salt and magnesium has a rejuvenating effect on the skin. Microparticles of salt increase the activity of ion channels in the cells and strengthen the protective layer of the skin. Salt normalises pH levels in the skin, accelerating its regeneration, and increasing its elasticity. A warm hydromassage and saline solution increase blood flow, improving the condition of the skin. A session reduces cellulite and stretch marks, leaving the body younger looking and more attractive. It soothes symptoms of allergies, atopic dermatitis, acne, rosacea, and psoriasis. the minerals contained in the salt and water are absorbed best during a full moon. At that time, the salt bath becomes an ocean of energy. During the full moon, the best effects are provided by cleansing treatments, as the detoxification capabilities of the body are at their highest at that time!


The preservatives, artificial aromas and colorants contained in food, environmental pollution, detergents, narcotics, medications, and stress all cause deterioration of the appearance and sense of well-being. A session in a jacuzzi with Himalayan salt and magnesium has a detoxification effect on the body without stressing the digestive tract. It supports removal of the by-products of metabolism, toxins, and lactic acid. A session in the jacuzzi improves the microcirculation of the blood and has anti-spasmodic properties. A session in the jacuzzi rejuvenates and adds glow, while eliminating negative vibrations and energising the body. It strengthens, regenerates, and beautifies!


Sessions in the saline jacuzzi soothe back pain and muscle tension which result from pregnancy and the strain of carrying a baby. They eliminate the symptoms of insomnia and even out the complexion. They reduce stretch marks, cellulite, and flabbiness. They aid in the detoxification of the body. Thanks to the negative ions which are emitted, they eliminate fatigue, create a feeling of calm, and improve mood.


A session in the saline jacuzzi regenerates the musculoskeletal system and strengthens the respiratory system. It loosens and regenerates the muscle fibres, aiding in the healing of microdamage, leaving them more flexible and increasing range of movement. It also increases the mineralisation of the bones and joints, helping prevent contusions. It supports the healing of inflammatory and rheumatoid states. It reduces back pain and pain related to degenerative disease. It accelerates rehabilitation after injuries and recovery.



  • After a session in the saline jacuzzi, it is not recommended to dry off with a towel or take a shower for about 20 minutes, so that the body can take full advantage of the beneficial effects of the minerals.
  • An approximately 30-minute rest period in a lying or half-lying position is recommended – we particularly recommend rest in the salt grotto, to compound the health-giving and relaxing effects of the salt.



  • Circulatory illness
  • Coronary heart disease with shortness of breath brought on by exertion
  • Previous heart attack
  • Defects of the heart valves
  • Acute or chronic illness
  • Psychosis and psychopathy
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Tuberculosis
  • Cancerous disease
  • Failure of the ovaries or developmental disturbances of the genitalia
  • Pregnancy (after consultation with a doctor)


  • Temperature of water: 37°C