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Vectus laser hair removal is effective, safe and durable hair removal.  The intelligent Vectus system enables laser hair removal without pain, skin damage or irritation. The Vectus medical laser is the only one in the world to feature a SKINTELTM melanin level reader, which recognises individual skin properties and selects the optimal parameters. Vectus hair removal means short treatment time, comfort and safety, and efficiency confirmed by clinical trials. The large head of the treatment device allows us to radically shorten the time of removal of hair from large parts of the body, whereas the small head allows for maximum accuracy of hair removal in intimate areas and all other areas requiring high precision. Vectus laser hair removal is currently the most effective way to remove unwanted hair from any part of the body. The device holds a safety and quality certificate issued by the American Food and Drug Administration FDA, recognised worldwide. The Vectus laser received the prestigious Prix de Cosmopolitan award in 2013. Get rid of unwanted hair today!




  • Laser hair removal from the thigh / knee
  • Laser hair removal from the armpit
  • Laser hair removal from the forearm / arm
  • Laser hair removal from the buttocks
  • Laser hair removal from the back
  • Laser hair removal from the toes
  • Laser hair removal from the nipple area
  • Laser hair removal from the chest / stomach
  • Laser hair removal from the whole hands
  • Laser hair removal from the calf / knee
  • Laser hair removal from the back
  • Laser hair removal from the leg
  • Laser hair removal from the stomach
  • Laser hair removal classic / Brazilian bikini




Before treatment

After treatment

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How does a hair removal laser work?

The essence of laser’s effects on hair follicles is a phenomenon known as selective photothermolysis. Laser light, absorbed by hair structures containing melanin, is converted into heat, which destroys the hair follicles, causing its permanent removal. Effective and dynamic cooling of the skin before, during and after the impulse is transferred prevents burns even at higher energy levels, minimising the risk of unwanted side effects and ensuring the comfort of laser hair removal without pain.

Benefits of laser hair removal – why do it?

  • It is an effective hair removal method – significant hair reduction is visible from the first treatment. The effectiveness of the treatment is also boosted by the patented Photon RecyclingSM technology, which involves reusing the light reflected from the skin. 100% of the light impulse is used, significantly increasing the effects of laser hair removal.
  • It is permanent laser hair removal – a way to enjoy smooth skin. Hair removal with the Vectus laser is a way to get rid of hair permanently. It saves you from unpleasant, time-consuming procedures such as: mechanical hair removal, waxing, sugar paste or shaving, which have to be repeated every few days or weeks.
  • It is fast hair removal – with Vectus laser you can remove hair from large areas in a fraction of the time needed when using traditional laser heads.
  • It is painless hair removal – the length of the Vectus laser beam significantly reduces pain during the treatment; the advanced cooling system with a sapphire glass head cools the skin before, during and after the impulse is “shot”, providing comfort even at very high parameters.
  • Laser hair removal is safe – Vectus is the only hair removal laser in the world to feature an intelligent reader that measures the amount of melanin in the skin and selects the best parameters. Individually set parameters allow for the use of higher energy, reducing the risk of burns. Vectus laser hair removal treatments at Studio Sante are performed by an experienced cosmetologist with knowledge and practice.
  • Limited side effects of Vectus hair removal – the Advanced Contact Cooling cap cools down the skin, preventing burns. Vectus laser hair removal eliminates the risk – common in case of shaving or waxing – of ingrown hair after hair removal, skin irritation and allergic reactions. Laser hair removal is a non-invasive method, it works locally, without affecting the delicate structure of the skin.


Laser hair removal – results

During one treatment, hair is reduced by about 30%. We remove hair that is in the active growth phase (the so-called anagen). To remove all hair, we need to wait until the rest of the hair has reached the growth stage and repeat the laser hair removal procedure. This means that to achieve the full result of laser hair removal it is necessary to perform a series of at least 4 treatments. Laser hair removal should be repeated every 5 weeks. After 2-3 weeks from the first treatment, the hair begins to grow normally and then it falls out. As a result of subsequent treatments, less and less hair will grow back, it will also be weaker and lighter.

Laser hair removal – before and after the treatment

  • The skin within the treated area cannot be dry or irritated If necessary, apply emollients (creams or moisturising lotions) a few days beforehand.
  • On the day of the treatment you need to shave the hair from the treated area.
  • The skin should be washed, clean and free of any product.
  • You cannot pull out hair (with tweezers, wax, epilator) at least four weeks before the planned laser hair removal procedure.
  • You can shave or trim hair between treatments.
  • It is best to report for the treatment wearing loose cotton clothing, which will not irritate the skin after hair removal.
  • After the treatment, a mild moisturising cream should be applied on the skin.

Contraindications for laser hair removal

  • If you are taking photosensitizing medication, vitamins A and E, you should disontinue taking them 4 weeks before the procedure.
  • Herbal remedies such as marigold and hypericum should be discontinued 2 weeks before the procedure.
  • Vitamin C should be discontinued 2 days before the procedure.
  • People taking oral isotretinoins (Reacutan, Izotek, Curacne) may start the procedure only after 6 months from the end of therapy.
  • People taking antibiotics can use laser hair removal 2 weeks after the end of antibiotic therapy. Within two weeks after the treatment you are not allowed to take antibiotics.
  • Another contraindications for laser hair removal are cancer and skin diseases, pregnancy and breastfeeding, strong tan.

Vectus – the gold standard in laser hair removal, no. 1 in the world

Prix de Beaute COSMOPOLITAN 2013 award – Discovery of the Year!

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