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Laser Lightsheer Studioło
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Light Sheer Diode Laser System permanently and painlessly removes unwanted facial hair in a non-invasive way, without damaging the skin. LightSheer Laser Diode system for hair removal is the most effective laser depilation system in the world. It is certified for safety and quality by the United States Food and Drug Administration, a globally recognised quality certificate, as well by the relevant European Union certificates, including ISO 9001.




  • Depilation of the thighs / knees
  • Depilation of the underarms
  • Depilation of the shoulders / forearms
  • Depilation of the buttocks
  • Depilation of the back
  • Depilation of the toes
  • Depilation of the nipple area
  • Depilation of the chest / abdomen
  • Depilation of the entire arms / hands
  • Depilation of the calves / knees
  • Depilation of the legs
  • Depilation of the stomach
  • Brazilian / Classic bikini depilation




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After treatment

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Laser depilation works by means of selective photothermolysis acting on the hair. The laser light, selectively absorbed by the structures of the hair which contain melanin, is transformed into heat, leading to the permanent destruction of the follicle. Highly effective dynamic cooling of the skin before, during, and after the heat impulse prevents burns to the skin even at very high energy levels, thanks to which complications are minimal (less than 0.1%).



      • A permanent method –  LIGHTSheer Desire Laser Diode depilation removes hair permanently. This method saves patients from having to undergo unpleasant, time-consuming treatments such as mechanical depilation, wax depilation, or electrolysis every few days or weeks, methods which involve the risk of ingrown hairs, discolorations, and scarring.
      • A fast method – upper lip depilation takes just a few minutes, while depilation of the legs or bikini area takes as little as 30-40 minutes.
      • A painless method – thanks to ChillTip TM continuous contact cooling or integrated vacuum assist technology the treatment is almost entirely painless.
      • A safe method – all of the traditional techniques for hair removal (shaving, electrolysis, wax, etc) involve the risk of ingrown hairs, discolorations, allergic reactions, or even scarring and the possibility of infection. Laser depilation is free of all these risks, it is a non-invasive method which does not damage the delicate structure of the skin, acting only on the surface layers.
      • As one of only a few such products available on the market, LIGHTSheer Desire is safe for dark complexions.


      • The skin in the area to undergo depilation should not be dry or irritated. If necessary, emollients (creams or moisturising balsams) should be applied several days before the treatment.
      • On the day of the treatment, the area should be shaved.
      • The skin should be washed, clean, and no creams or lotions should be applied.
      • Hair should NOT be removed (with tweezers, wax, or a depilator) for at least for weeks before the planned treatment.
      • Between successive treatments, the area should not be shaved, or the hair cut.
      • It is best to arrive at the treatment dressed in loose cotton clothing which will not irritate the depilated skin.
      • If the patient is currently taking medication which increases sensitivity to light, vitamin A and E should be taken for 4 weeks before the treatment.
      • Herbs and herbal supplements containing marigold or St John’s wort should not be used for 2 weeks before the treatment.
      • Vitamin. C supplements should not be used for 2 days before the treatment.
      • Individuals taking oral isotretinoin (such as Reacutan, Izotek, Curacne) may only undergo treatment 6 months after completing their therapy.



Pregnancy, cancer, individual hormone therapy (hormones which increase light sensitivity), breastfeeding mothers, blonde, red or grey hair, albinism, psoriasis, epilepsy, tendency to discolorations, tendency to keloids, pacemakers, recent sunburn or use of self-tanning preparations, irritated skin, inflammations and skin infections, allergies, reticularis (marbled skin), oral retinoid therapy, therapy with medications and herbs which increase light sensitivity, topical therapy with vitamin A and C, treatment with fruit acids and exfoliants, mechanical depilation (tweezers, wax, mechanical depilators).


LightSheer – the gold standard in the global laser depilation market.

Golden Laurel of Cosmetology for 2014 and 2015.

Laser LightSheer received the Golden Laurel of Cosmetology in 2014 and 2015 in the category of hair removal devices.


Please arrive to your initial appointment at least 10 minutes early.

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