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Vectus laser hair removal is the latest and most effective hair removal method without pain. Hair removal is effective, long-lasting and comfortable. Vectus Medical Laser – No. 1 in the world – features an intelligent SKINTELTM melanin level reader, which selects the optimal parameters for your skin. Vectus means facial hair removal without irritation, without damage, without side effects. Laser removal of hair from the face allows us to get rid of upper lip hair, sideburns and even male stubble. Once and for all, with lightning speed, without the risk of burns. Thanks to laser hair removal, irritation after shaving becomes be a thing of the past! The Vectus laser holds a safety and quality certificate issued by the American Food and Drug Administration, recognised worldwide. Called the “Discovery of the Year”, it received the Prix de BEaute Cosmopolitan 2013 award. Get rid of unwanted facial hair today!




  • Laser hair removal from the upper lip / chin
  • Laser hair removal from the neck
  • Laser hair removal of sideburns



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How does laser hair removal work?

The light emitted by the laser is absorbed by the hair pigment – melanin. When converted into heat, it effectively destroys hair follicles, causing permanent removal of hair. Cooling the skin before, during and after the impulse is “shot” provides comfort (hair removal without pain) and prevents skin burns, even at higher energy levels.

Laser hair removal – benefits

  • It is an effective hair removal method – visible hair removal (about 30%) from the first treatment. The patented Photon RecyclingSM technology makes it possible to reuse light reflected from the skin, boosting the effects of laser hair removal.
  • Laser hair removal eliminates hair forever. You can forget about shaving, epilation or waxing. You won’t have to repeat time-consuming hair removal treatments every few days or weeks.
  • Laser hair removal provides fast results, i.e. smooth skin. The Vectus laser, (apart from a small head), comes with a large head, which means that hair can be removed from larger parts of the body much faster than in the case of traditional small heads used for laser hair removal.
  • It is painless laser hair removal– the length of the Vectus laser beam and the cooling system (sapphire glass head) provide effective pain reduction during hair removal, also in the case of particularly sensitive areas of the body.
  • It is safe hair removal. Vectus is the only laser in the world to feature an intelligent reader that measures the level of melanin in the skin and selects the optimal parameters. Individual settings make it possible to use higher energy levels, thus minimising the risk of burns. At Studio Sante in Warsaw, Vectus laser hair removal treatments are performed exclusively by experienced cosmetologists.
  • Minimised side effects of Vectus hair removal – the Advanced Contact Cooling cap cools down the skin, preventing burns. With Vectus laser hair removal you can forget about ingrown hair and skin irritation after hair removal. Laser hair removal is a non-invasive method, it works locally, without affecting the delicate structure of the skin.

Vectus laser hair removal – results

During one treatment, hair is reduced by about 30%. We remove hair that is in the anagen phase, i.e. active growth phase. To remove all hair, we need to wait until the rest of the hair has reached the growth stage and the perform another laser hair removal procedure. The full hair removal effect requires at least a series of 4 treatments every 5 weeks.  After 2-3 weeks from the treatment, the hair begins to grow normally and then it falls out. It is natural. With subsequent treatments, less and less hair grows back, which is also lighter and weaker.


Before and after treatment – laser hair removal

  • The skin to be treated cannot be irritated or dry. If necessary, apply emollients (lotions or moisturising creams) over several days.
  • On the day of the treatment you need to shave the hair from the treated area with a shaver.
  • Before treatment the skin should be washed, clean and free of any product.
  • At least four weeks before a planned laser hair removal treatment you cannot pull out hair with tweezers or use other epilation methods (apart from shaving).
  • You can shave or trim hair between treatments.
  • On the day of the treatment, it is best to wear loose cotton clothing not to irritate the skin after hair removal.
  • After the treatment, a moisturising cream should be applied on the skin.

Laser hair removal – contraindications

  • Taking medicines, supplements and herbs, including photosensitizing ones
    • Vitamin A and E should be discontinued 4 weeks before the procedure.
    • Marigold, hypericum should be discontinued 2 weeks before the procedure.
    • Vitamin C should be discontinued 2 days before the procedure.
    • Isotretinoins (Reacutan, Izotek, Curacne) – persons who take such medication can undergo the procedure 6 months after finishing therapy.
    • Antibiotics (the procedure can be performed 2 weeks after finishing antibiotic therapy. Within 2 weeks after the procedure no antibiotics can be taken).
  • cancer and skin diseases
  • strong tan
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding

Vectus – the gold standard in laser hair removal, no. 1 in the world

Prix de Beaute COSMOPOLITAN 2013 award – Discovery of the Year!


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