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Swimming Pool


Have you ever dreamed about swimming in a clear mountain stream? If so, we invite you to relax in Studio Sante! A bath in a recreational pool for bliss for the body and senses. Extremely soft, velvety and luxurious water provides a very pleasant feeling, is gentle to the skin and pleasant refreshes the whole body. Swimming in the pool restores life energy and introduces a state of deep relaxation. Greater vitality and energy. The universe with color therapy and music therapy stimulates the production of waves, changing the depth of relaxation and bliss. Hydrotherapy for biological regeneration for physically active people, and not during sport. We recommend baths for future mums – if you are pregnant, you are in a cozy atmosphere, forget about fatigue and feel good. Our SPA & Wellness pool has been applied the latest version of the pool water treatment technology, which detects the harmful effects of disinfection products on the bodies of people taking baths. Relaxation, regeneration, greater life energy – you will find yourself at Studio Sante Municipal Spa!


The pool water in Studio Sante is microbiologically clean, thanks to the use of the most modern methods of treatment: filtration on activated glass, disinfection based on vacuum salt electrolysis and exposure to specialized UV lamps. You can swim in it with your eyes open, and compare the bath itself to immerse yourself in a perfectly transparent mountain stream with the difference that the water has an optimal – relaxing body and mind – temperature! The applied solutions in the disinfection of swimming pool water have limited the harmful effect of disinfection by-products on the bodies of bathers. Perceptible smell of chlorine is sometimes the result of disinfecting water with salt, which is subjected to vacuum electrolysis. During this reaction, hypochlorite is produced, however, without by-products preservatives, which exhibit harmful properties and are used in a stabilized chlorine used in most pool facilities. The technologies used in the Sante Studio pools are unique, they increase the comfort and safety of using all the water attractions available here.



The water in the leisure pool at Studio Sante is extremely soft, so – unlike hard water – it does not cause excessive drying of the skin and weakening of its hydro-lipid barrier. Baths are recommended for people who have dry skin and dry hair, as well as those who have oily skin and greasy hair. After bathing, the cosmetics are better absorbed and intensively interact, so you can reduce their amount and use them less frequently. Swimming in the pool or even wading is a kind of gentle hydromassage that is beneficial to the muscles.


Bathing and relaxing in the Studio Sante swimming pool is a great way to improve your well-being and increase your vital energy. Perlist water, pleasant music flowing from underwater speakers, properly selected colors emitted by underwater LED lamps create ideal conditions for relaxation. Color therapy and music therapy stimulate the brain to produce alpha waves, appropriate for the state of deep rest. What is the condition when the brain produces alpha waves? We can then relax and mute more easily, it is also the time when we gain access to deeper states of consciousness, we feel the joy of silence and dream. Alpha waves are associated with more creativity and the essence of creativity, inspiration and motivation. That is why, after staying in the SPA, we feel relaxed and calm. After swimming in a recreational pool, it is recommended to use a brine pool and a silicon jacuzzi, which will consolidate the renewal effect, prepare for further treatments and deeper relaxation. Studio Sante Municipal Spa is a unique place in Poland with such a revolutionary health-oriented solution!



The third trimester of pregnancy is a time of joyful waiting for the birth of a child. The rounded and growing belly brings much joy to the future Mum, but it is also a considerable burden for the legs. Most often, swellings appear around the ankles and calves. They can swell your feet, fingers and wrists. These symptoms are usually the result of less efficient venous-lymphatic circulation during pregnancy, which results in the stagnation of fluids in the body. It can cause pain, heaviness and discomfort. The body weight also grows in a short time, and the increase in the production of progesterone and estrogens increases the tendency to venous stasis. Baths in a recreational pool can bring down these troublesome ailments! Swimming reduces muscle tension, relieves the spine, restores energy. In the interests of physical well-being and a great mood, we warmly invite you to have a relaxing bath in a recreational pool. If there are no health contraindications, bathing time can be any. However, it is not recommended to use dynamic water attractions: massages, cascades, counter-currents.



Swimming in the pool has a beneficial effect on the skeletal and muscular system. It relieves joints, relaxes muscles and frees them from tensions. It also supports the removal of lactic acid. Relaxation and fitness in the water are recommended for people who are physically active as an element of wellness and a way to regenerate the body. Swimming is recommended for people suffering from joint and spine pain – it relaxes and reduces the pressure on nerve endings and blood vessels. It affects rehabilitation after muscle and joint injuries. Hydrotherapy relieves muscle and joint fatigue. In the recreational pool you can take advantage of water attractions (massage, cascade, counter-current). Hydrotherapy causes the blood vessels to expand and the tissues receive more oxygen and nutrients. Bathing in the pool is a great way to regenerate, regardless of whether we have forced the body during training, or we got sore or injured while wearing heavy objects. Baths stimulate the body to produce endorphins that act as a natural painkiller and bring us into a good mood!

The leisure pool at Studio Sante is more than just a swimming pool! Warsaw does not have a second such place. We invite you every day to our SPA – Jagiellońska 55 A, Prague. Fast and easy to reach!



  • water temperature: 31 ° C
  • 17 m in length
  • 6 m wide
  • 1.4 m deep