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Package: 2 x relaxation massage, unlimited time amazing relaxation in aunique zone of saunas and pools. Spend time with thisperson in the Studio Sante! Relaxingmassage with soothing music, distance, stress and fatigue. Free up muscles fromtension and reduce pain. Relaxes andputs us in a good mood. Improve thehydration and ujędrni the skin. Manyhours of relaxation in the sauna andswimming pools with water brought to ahigher vitality, new energy and theeffective elimination of stress. Celebratethe common time with the nearestperson in the exclusive SPA & WellnessStudio Sante.


• 2 x relaxation massage (60 min.)
• 2 x a relaxing stay for each person without a time limit in the swimming pool and sauna area at Studio Sante Municipal Spa.
Available: recreational pool with Structured water, jacuzzi with Himalayan salt and magnesium, jacuzzi with silicon water, Ganbanyoku – Japanese rock sauna, Goldarium – gold rest room, salt cave, Finnish sauna, bio sauna, steam bath, Sunny meadow: safe sunbathing zone, collagen lamps
• Bathrobe for each person
• PLN 60 to be used in the Sante Bistro


A relaxation massage with soothing music banishes stress and fatigue. It removes muscle tension and reduces pain. The treatment relaxes and improves mood, while also improving moisturisation and firmness of the skin.


Available for guests:

  • Recreational pool with Structured Water
  • Jacuzzi with Himalayan salt and magnesium
  • Jacuzzi with silicon water
  • Ganbanyoku – Japanese stone sauna
  • Goldarium – gold relaxation room
  • Salt grotto
  • Finnish sauna
  • Biosauna with aromatherapy
  • Steam bath
  • Sunny meadow: a safe sunbathing zone with light collagen therapy
  • cooling zone

Bathing in pools with Structured Water, which accelerates detoxification and raises vital energy. In combination with colour therapy and music therapy, it ensures deep relaxation.

A steam bath in the steam room with Structured Water offers excellent skin moisturisation.

The Ganbanyoku sauna rejuvenates and reduces stress, cleansing the body of toxins and heavy metals, and is an outstanding method for effective skin and body detox. During a single 60-minute session, participants may burn up as much as 1200 calories and reduce cellulite.

A rest in the Goldarium, a golden chamber at our spa, raises biovitality by as many as 1000 points, and this in only 3 minutes!

During mild and healthy sunbathing in the Sunny Meadow, the body generates vitamin D3, essential for our health, which increases the fat-burning rate, improves mood, and prevents many illnesses.

Collagen light therapy rebuilds and strengthens the collagen structure of the skin, reduces cellulite, lightens discolorations and soothes skin irritations, leaving a lasting lifting effect.

Please arrive to your initial appointment at least 10 minutes early.

Therapists RELAXATION FOR TWO - Studio Sante Warszawa

Elżbieta Czajkowska

Certified cosmetician, specialising in care of the face and body

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Ewa Brzezińska

Physiotherapist, massage therapist, trigger point therapy specialist

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Igor Sęczkowski

Physiotherapist, massage specialist

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Monika Pisarek

Certified cosmetician

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Kacper Marczak


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