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terapia SCIO 1.2

SCIO – diagnoses, heals, and rejuvenates. And it can do this at a distance! In the course of 4 minutes, 11 000 results concerning health deficits are generated, and the device can propose 2400 therapies! A state-of-the-art device with medical certification! It will relieve you of stress and constant tension, improve mood and sense of well-being, and restore energy for action. It eliminates oxidation stress, which is the most common cause of serious illness including cancer, atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke, and coronary heart disease. It neutralises the action of free radicals which cause ageing of the skin and carries out a detoxification process – SCIO is an outstanding anti‑ageing therapy, which non-invasively improves the condition of the skin and revitalises the entire body. Thanks to SCIO, you will free yourself of pain and accelerate the healing of injuries and contusions. You will improve your concentration and double the speed of the learning process. You will rid yourself of the feeling of mental exhaustion and insomnia. SCIO reprograms muscle patterns and reduces stress, thanks to which you will achieve better results in sports. It carries out a comprehensive regeneration of the body. It eliminates fungi and parasites. It non-invasively reduces the effects of allergies. It proposes a suitable diet, advising what to eat and what not to eat. SCIO will uncover all the places in your mind and body that are burdened by the effects of stress, reducing their levels, and restoring natural homeostasis, and initiating processes of self-healing. You will feel a radical improvement in physical and emotional well-being.

There are many more beneficial effects of SCIO therapy – they depend on the choice of therapeutic program selected for the individual needs of the client after the interview conducted by the therapist.

SCIO communicates with the body by means of electromagnetic waves, obtaining information about stress levels, the organs most affected by stress, hydration, oxygenation, acidification of the body, energy flows, emotional states, and vitamin, hormone, and enzyme deficiencies, as well as the presence of fungi and parasites. It requires about 3 minutes to process 60 million bits of data obtained from the body. Within 1/100 of a second, it registers more than 9000 parameters regarding health. It also communicates with the subconscious, obtaining about 97% of available information on the state of the patient’s body and mind in order to remove causes of disorders, re-educate internal processes, and restore homeostasis, stimulate processes of self-healing, and increase health and the sense of well-being. It is the only diagnostic and‑ therapeutic device that interacts with the patient, and bases the process of re-education of the body on a mutual dialogue. It works together with the body in directing the therapeutic process, which is what it owes its exceptional effectiveness to.



      • effective reduction of emotional and cellular stress
      • neutralisation of the action of free radicals
      • counteraction of the ageing of cells
      • acceleration of the treatment of contusions and injuries
      • reduction of pain
      • revitalisation of the skin with anti-ageing properties
      • improvement in concentration and acceleration of the learning process
      • help in the fight against insomnia
      • reduction of fungus, parasites, and allergies
      • re-education of muscle patterns
      • support in achieving better sports results
      • mobilisation of the organic system to correct functioning
      • stimulation of the immune system
      • aid in the detoxification of the body
      • activation of natural regeneration processes
      • improvement of sense of well-being and introduction of a state of relaxation
      • harmonisation of energy flow in the body
      • increased vitality of the body


Do you have a stressful job? Are you constantly upset? Are you worried about employment, money, health, the future? Do you get angry easily? Do you vent your frustrations on your colleagues or family? Do you live in an endless cycle of pressure and tension? Do you find it hard to keep up with work and home responsibilities, leaving you overwhelmed? Do you live at an unbelievably fast pace? Do you suffer from insomnia? Or perhaps you are already so exhausted with stress and mentally fatigued that you don’t even know how to relax? In addition, perhaps you suffer from a variety of conditions for which conventional medicine has not found a cure? If your answer to even one of these questions is “yes”, then come to a SCIO biofeedback session at Studio Sante City Spa.

Stress disrupts all life processes and the body’s natural balance. It exhausts and weakens, leaving the body susceptible to illness. It causes cancer, heart disease, atherosclerosis, premature ageing, cell death, and many other problems. Thanks to SCIO, you will not only find out which organs in your body are burdened by the harmful effects of stress, but also free yourself from stress and its negative consequences. Your sense of physical and mental well-being will improve. By removing stress, the cause of many serious illnesses, you will improve your state of health. SCIO effectively eliminates all forms of stress, emotional and oxidative. SCIO anti-stress therapy, working comprehensively on the whole body, regulates the organic systems (the brain and nervous system, the vascular system, the immunological system), and mobilises them to proper functioning. These therapies stimulate the immune system weakened by stress, decreasing the risk of disease. They induce the brain to produce alpha waves, which create a feeling of calm and bliss. They regulate the rhythm of the heart. One effect of these anti-stress therapies is that they not only improve the sense of physical well-being, but also create a state of deep relaxation, calm, and a noticeable improvement in mood. Thanks to SCIO anti-stress therapies, you will regain your will to live and energy for action, you will rid yourself of insomnia, and the level of vitality of your body will rise. Take advantage of these unique anti-stress therapies at Studio Sante City Spa today – the achievements of cosmic medicine are right at your fingertips!


SCIO (Scientific Consciousness Interface Operations System) is a state-of-the-art medical device which utilises biofeedback and bioresonance to provide full information about the body, and about places where stress exerts a pathogenic influence, in order to identify effective therapies. During a session, the patient is attached to the device by means of electrodes connected to the head, wrists, and ankles. Because SCIO uses the mechanisms of quantum physics, the diagnostic and therapeutic session may be conducted remotely. SCIO receives electromagnetic waves from the body, tuning in to the prevalent stress levels and their location. The information which the device obtains in this way is next used to regulate life functions and reduce stress levels in the tissues and organs which are overloaded, leading to a radical improvement in physical and emotional well-being.


The history of scientific research on SCIO goes back to the 1960s, when work was begun on devices which would scan the body and return biological feedback. In 1989, professor William Nelson demonstrated that an electrophysiological device could communicate with the subconscious of the patient by interacting with electrical charges present in the body and in the central nervous system. Nelson’s breakthrough invention, created after 20 years of study in energy medicine and bioresonance, was used by NASA during space flights. Thanks to this device, American astronauts enjoyed good health and a sense of well-being during their flights. Nowadays, SCIO is available at Studio Sante City Spa. Take advantage of this unique bioresonance and biofeedback SCIO therapy to get rid of stress and all of its pathological consequences!

SCIO (latin) means “I know”. SCIO knows because it communicates with the body using electromagnetic waves, obtaining and transmitting information, restoring homeostasis, and activating self-healing processes. It is the only diagnostic and therapeutic device that interacts with the patient, and bases the process of re-education of the body on a mutual dialogue. It works together with the body in directing the therapeutic process, which is what it owes its exceptional effectiveness to.

Please arrive to your initial appointment at least 10 minutes early.


Maja Koprowska

Natural medicine therapist

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