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słoneczna łąka

The sun is the energy of life! In the pool zone at Studio Sante, you can enjoy the pleasure of warm rays delicately enveloping your body while you relax on lounge chairs below lamps which emit light which is similar in composition to natural sunlight, but without harmful radiation. You will improve the condition and tone of your skin, relax, and improve your mood. During a 20-minute session, your body will synthesise essential doses of vitamin D3, which delays the ageing process and improves skin conditions, accelerating fat burning, improving mood and well-being. The endorphins that are secreted during sunbathing will make you feel joyful, optimistic, and full of energy. Vitamin D3 increases the mineralisation of teeth and bones, improves thyroid function, and supports the nervous system. It strengthens immunity and prevent autoimmune disease! A session at the Sunny Meadow can be an element of a biological renewal program for sportspeople, those who are recovering from injuries, or those suffering from osteoporosis. The Sunny Meadow is the tanning salon of the 21st century – at Studio Sante City Spa you can enjoy the pleasure of delicate rays which embrace your body.


Sunbathing in the Sunny Meadow is safe for the skin in contrast to a normal tanning salon, which dries the skin, and accelerates the ageing process, and can even lead to skin cancer. At Studio Sante, we have used an innovative solution – high-pressure lamps fitted with diamond glass which provides effective protection against harmful UV radiation, enabling much milder, healthier, and more pleasant sunbathing. This is impossible in a traditional tanning salon. You can enjoy the warm rays, which improve skin condition and well-being as well as the function of many organs, for a longer time and without stress. This modern and healthful solution is available only at Studio Sante City Spa!


  • a standard 20-minute session can be divided into two 10-minute sessions
  • you can enjoy the Sunny Meadow several times during rest periods between sauna sessions
  • to maintain the healthful effects of the lamps on the skin, we do not recommend using the pools after sunbathing The best solution is to use the Sunny Meadow after using the pools and sauna, at the end of your stay at Studio Sante


  • delicate, natural tanning effect
  • soothing of minor irregularities of the complexion
  • support for vitamin D3 production
  • accelerated fat burning
  • improved mineralisation of bones and teeth
  • stimulation of immune system
  • improved mood and increased energy
  • increased vitality


  • treatment with photoalllergenic medication
  • tendency to freckles, skin marks, atypical discolorations, or sunburn
  • cancerous lesions


  • Temperature: 29-30°C