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Swimming lesson

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You want to learn to swim, but are you afraid of water? The classes are conducted by experienced instructors, ensuring a safe and comfortable atmosphere while studying. Individual training ensures optimal adaptation of the learning program to the client’s skills, condition and expectations. Learning to swim is done in the Sante Water swimming pool, which does not get into your eyes and does not irritate your eyes. Studio Sante offers learning to swim from scratch or improve swimming in all styles.


• Stress free acquisition or development of swimming skills
• Get a sense of security in the water
• Silhouette modeling
• Reduction of cellulite and adipose tissue
• smoothing and soothing the skin
• reduction of irritations and imperfections
• Improve your heart and circulatory system
• stimulation of the nervous system
• strengthening and development of whole body muscles
• Increased isometric muscle strength
• Improve your body posture
• reduction of spinal and joint pain
• faster rehabilitation after injury
• relask and relax
• lowering the level of stress
• regeneration of vital forces and enhancement of bio-vitality



• Open wounds
• Skin diseases
• Genito-urinary tract infections
• Middle ear infection
• Circulatory system failure
• Heart arythmia
• Renal and hepatic failure
• Respiratory infections
• Epilepsy


Price list and timetable

To reserve a space in a session, please contact us by telephone at: +48 605 130 152, or by email at: