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Thai massage


Thai massage provides of shot of vital energy and heavenly relaxation for the entire body. It has great power to relax, inducing a state of harmony between mind and body. It deeply loosens muscles, cleanses the body of accumulated tension and energy blocks. It creates a blissful feeling, while relaxing the mind and eliminating stress. It increases joint mobility and leaves the body more flexible.

At Studio Sante, Thai massages are performed exclusively by professional massage therapists from the island of Bali with experience at international SPA centres, accompanied by the sounds of relaxing music. Comfortable clothes are provided to participants for the duration of the session. Thai massage is a deep dry massage, performed without the use of oils.

Thai massage is a relaxation massage which combines elements of Ayurveda, passive yoga, and reflexology. It is a deep massage, sometimes called yoga for the lazy. The person undergoing the massage lies on a mat and, with the assistance of the therapist, assumes positions based on the five postures of passive yoga: face down, face up, on the side, and in front-facing and reversed sitting positions.  The therapist performs the massage using the thumbs, hands, and forearms.


  • provides deep relaxation
  • soothes and calms, allowing you to forget about stress
  • harmonises the mind and body
  • frees muscles from tension
  • eliminates fatigue and negative emotions
  • provides relief from physical and mental fatigue
  • soothes muscle, back, and joint pain while providing relief from headaches and migraine
  • restores life energy and a feeling of inner balance
  • improves blood and lymphatic fluid flow
  • activates detoxification processes
  • accelerates metabolism
  • aids in recovery after injuries


  • sedentary lifestyle
  • work which requires staying in the same position for long periods
  • stressful lifestyle
  • back and shoulder pain
  • stiffness and tension in muscles
  • exhaustion


  • pregnancy
  • menstruation
  • acute inflammation
  • infectious or viral skin disease
  • recent traumatic injury
  • tumours
  • osteoporosis

Please arrive to your initial appointment at least 10 minutes early.

Therapists Thai massage - Studio Sante Warszawa

Luh Putu Rina Sari Dewi

Certified massage therapist

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