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Sauna Fińska1

The Finnish sauna cleanses and refreshes the skin, returning vitality and youthful glow to the complexion. It soothes acne, and smoothes out wrinkles. It cleanses the body of toxins and metabolic by-products. It accelerates the metabolism, aiding in weight loss and cellulite reduction. During a 30-minute session in the sauna it is possible to lose approximately 400 kcal – the same amount burned when running 3 km. The session reduces pains and muscle tension, while regulating blood pressure, improving circulation and body performance. The treatment eliminates stress and fatigue. After a session, guests sleep well, and wake up the next morning rested and full of energy! It strengthens the body, increasing feelings of well-being and vitality. A Finnish sauna means energy for the body and relaxation for the mind!


A Finnish sauna combines the plusses of regeneration with a detox effect. Its main advantage is its immediate effect by combining very hot and dry air with periodic, short-term humidity reaching as much as 40% when the hot stones are splashed with water. The high temperature of about 90°C and intensification of electrical fields improve blood circulation. The tissues receive more oxygen, and are nourished and cleansed of the by-products of metabolism, toxins, and heavy metals. During one session in the Finnish sauna, the body can secrete an amount of toxins equal to what it accumulates in a week! Effective detoxification in the Finnish sauna aids in weight loss and the elimination of cellulite, which is often caused by the accumulation of toxins in the body. The high temperature stimulates blood and lymph circulation and removal of water from the interstitial spaces between fat tissues, thus eliminating the two main causes of cellulite. The effects of the sauna can be compared to an energetic massage, which also leads to smoothing of subcutaneous tissue. The metabolism can be accelerated by as much as 40%! A session in a Finnish sauna also represents physical effort for the body, leading it to burn excess calories.


Sauna rituals are held in the Finnish sauna on Saturdays and Sundays at. 5:00, 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, and 9:00 pm. These exceptionally energising ceremonies are conducted by a sauna master to the accompaniment of dynamic music. The sauna master skilfully pours water with the addition of etheric oils on the stones, and circulates the warm air with different techniques using towels, fans, and other accessories. The pleasant blast of hot air causes intensive heating of the body and perspiration. The etheric oils reduce stress, have relaxing properties, improve mood, and act as an inhalant for the respiratory system. The ritual element adds to the joy and health benefits of the sauna! After the sauna ceremony, guests feel a boost of positive energy!


  • temperature: approx. 90°C
  • humidity: approx. 10 %
  • after pouring water on the stones – up to 40%




  • a visit to the saunarium begins with a session in the Finnish sauna
  • before entering the dry sauna, guests should dry themselves carefully
  • during the first cycle, guests should choose the lowest bench (temp. approx. 80°C), and gradually move upwards, to avoid thermal shock.
  • during the final cycle, guests should choose the highest bench (temp. approx. 100°C)
  • for reasons of hygiene, please place a towel under each part of the body that has contact with the wood
  • monitor the time, spending no more than 15minutes in the sauna in each cycle
  • if you lay flat on the bench, before leaving the sauna, sit up slowly, wait 1-2 minutes, and then stand slowly
  • after the session, do not forget to cool the body:
    • rinse the body, first with cool water, then with cold water
    • begin the cooling process from the feet, and gradually move upwards, finally cooling the shoulders, and head if desired: do not pour cold water on your overheated body
    • submerge yourself in the internal or external cooling pool, or use the “Sensational shower” to carefully cool yourself again



  • infections, treatment with antibiotics, fever
  • hypertension or problems with circulation
  • anaemia
  • susceptibility to bleeding
  • diabetes
  • cancerous lesions
  • fungal skin infection, skin disease with purulent lesions
  • serious kidney, liver, or lung disease
  • acute asthma or rheumatism
  • epilepsy
  • psychotic states
  • varicose veins
  • glaucoma
  • disturbances of internal secretory systems (eg. hyperthyroidism, adrenal gland failure)
  • contagious diseases

Pregnant and menstruating women should avoid excessive overheating.


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