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A session in the Goldarium, the only such facility in Poland and in Europe which is coated with 22‑carat gold, is a luxurious opportunity to relax in the wellness tradition of the Near East. It takes you to a state of deep relaxation, allowing you to forget about stress and fatigue. It has a rejuvenating effect on the skin and revitalises the whole body. It smoothes the complexion, leaving it more beautiful and reducing the symptoms of acne and allergies. It accelerates regenerative processes, soothing tense muscles, relieving pain, and giving increased vital life energy to the body. The Goldarium also provides, thanks to the unique properties of gold, mental, physical, and spiritual cleansing.


While relaxing in the Goldarium, your blood vessels will expand and the blood will flow more energetically. Gold emits energy in the form of warm and soothing vibrations with therapeutic properties. The health-giving influence of gold induces dead and damaged cells to be replaced more quickly by healthy ones, an essential factor in every health process. The colour of gold its vibrations stimulates repair processes. This warm colour expands the tissues, freeing damaged areas and accelerating recovery. The vibrations emitted by gold stimulate energy points on the body (meridians) and unblock energy channels. This unblocking of energy flow reduces the effects of many illnesses, facilitating proper body function.



Gold emits energy which helps achieve a state of deep relaxation. A session of relaxation in the Goldarium, surrounded by the most precious ore in the world, stimulates life forces and raises the vitality levels of the body. It restores balance and harmony to the body at all levels – emotional, physical, and spiritual. It eliminates negative emotions such as fear, sadness and anxiety. Visitors to this unique Goldarium feel a noticeable increase in life energy, concentration levels, and libido. In the Goldarium, additional energy can be absorbed from the actions of tachyons, mandala symbols (the flower of life), amethysts, and soothing music at a frequency of 432 Hz.



A luxurious stay in the golf-plated chamber is inspired by the traditions of the Near East, and chrysotherapy, or healing with gold, has a long and rich tradition. The earliest records of the use of gold for medical purposes come from Alexandria in Egypt. More than 5000 years ago, the Egyptians ingested gold to cleanse the body and mind. Queen Cleopatra used a gold mask to maintain the flawless beauty of her complexion. In the 20th century, the healing powers of gold were confirmed scientifically, and so-called colloidal gold began to be used in the treatment of cancer. Now you can enjoy the unique properties of gold and sumptuous relaxation in a setting that would make Cleopatra proud at Studio Sante City Spa.



  • Temperature: approx. 32°C
  • Humidity: approx. 25%