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Studio Sante City Spa is an exclusive wellness and therapeutic facility created by Sante. Here, in comfortable conditions, you can regenerate your body, calm your mind, and achieve a state of deep relaxation. This is an exceptional SPA & Wellness centre, where you can increase your biovitality, strengthen your life force, and improve your sense of well-being.

Studio Sante City Spa is a SPA & Wellness centre with high energy potential, which raises the biovitality of those who stay here. The bioenergy level of all the saunas, pools, and relaxation areas is regularly monitored and amounts to (depending on the place) from 7100 to 9800 Be (on a scale up to 10 000!). This is considerably more than the lower limit of 6500 Bv, at which the positive impact of place begins to affect us. The high energy parameters at Studio Sante are the result of a carefully planned pro-health project which has taken into account the need to protect its guests from negative geopathic radiation, as well as crafting a program of therapies and treatments to raise bioenergy.

  • Throughout the spa, Structured Water with a hexagonal structure and high energy potential has been used. Research conducted by professor Mu Shik Jhon confirms that the healthiest water for people should have a hexagonal structure, as this facilitates its free flow through cell channels to quickly transport nutrients and effectively secrete toxins. Bathing in Structured Water increases biovitality, strengthens life force, and enhances mood, while also reducing stress and relaxing. Structured Water stimulates the body’s own self-healing processes, restoring life energy, and harmonising body and mind. Structured Water flows from every tap at Studio Sante, and is used in the pools, saunas, and treatment rooms. It is available to drink at no charge in the sauna area and at Bistro Sante.
  • The Structured Water used in the silicone jacuzzi, Himalayan salt and magnesium jacuzzi, and the recreational pool aid the process of regenerating life forces, and enhance the therapeutic effects of the minerals.
  • Structured Water, in the form of steam in the steam bath, provides excellent moisturisation for every skin cell and gives the body an energy boost thanks to its hexagonal structure. The biovitality of the steam bath is as high as 7900 Bv!
  • he energy level of the Black Silica stone tiles in the Japanese Ganbanyoku sauna is as high as 7600 Bv. Black Silica emits negative ions, while the tachyon tiles channel cosmic radiation which increases human bioenergy.
  • The energy level of the Goldarium reaches 9800 Bv. Just 3 minutes spent within it raises biovitality by as much as 1000 units!
  • The Himalayan salt used in the Salt Grotto and the jacuzzi with Structured Water and magnesium emits photon energy, strengthening the body’s energy fields. Additionally, Himalayan salt emits negative ions, which neutralise the effects of electromagnetic smog.
  • The music which is played throughout the SPA & Wellness centre, at a frequency of 432 Hz, as well as colour therapy raise the energy level and create favourable conditions for meditation.
  • Guests have access to a Finish sauna, biosauna, and a Sunny Meadow (a safe sunbathing zone with rejuvenating collagen lamps), which also have very high bioenergy potential.

Entrance to the Studio Sante zone is permitted only to those aged 16 years and older.