About us



Sante Studio Uzdrowisko Miejskie is an exclusive therapeutic and wellness space created by Sante. Here in comfortable conditions you will regenerate the body, calm your mind and achieve a state of deep relaxation. This is a unique SPA & Wellness, in which you will strengthen life forces and improve well-being.


We have unique health solutions in the pool and sauna area. We’ve combined the benefits of energizing healing mineralized waters with the relaxing warmth of thermal waters and hydromassage. You can take advantage of the benefits of a Jacuzzi with Himalayan salt and magnesium and a silicon jacuzzi. Baths relax perfectly, accelerate metabolism and detoxification, restore skin’s beauty and radiance! Swimming in the recreational pool supports slimming and cellulite reduction, wonderfully de-stresses and allows you to forget about stress. In Ganbanyoku, a Japanese rock sauna, during a 60-minute session, you will effortlessly lose up to 1200 calories and reduce cellulite, and your skin will become immaculately clean, firm and elastic. There are also saunas that operate with a very high temperature (Finnish sauna), as well as milder bio-saunas with aromatherapy and a steam room. Gentler forms of sauna and bathing in the recreational pool are also recommended for pregnant women, as well as for women with sensitive or capillary skin. You get a gentle tan and a daily dose of vitamin D3 during heliotherapy in the Sunny Meadow, and collagen light therapy will provide the effect of rejuvenating the skin. Resting for 45 minutes in a salt cave with a brine graduation tower, you will gain as much as spending 3 days at the seaside! Relaxing music, dim lights, intimate atmosphere of club interiors, color therapy and sound therapy support biological regeneration and create a unique atmosphere of SPA & Wellness emanating good energy. According to Wojciech Eichelbergerg, the creator of the Institute of Psychoimmunology: “Studio Sante can not only be an important support for our regeneration, but also a reminder that regeneration and energy boost are necessary for life – they must not be underestimated.”


Studio Sante Uzdrowisko Miejskie offers the latest rejuvenating treatments (Derma OXY – oxygen infusion, Yonelle Medesthetic, Skin Frax RF, Medshape) and non-invasive anti-aging therapies like Facefitness (facial gymnastics) that restore beauty and youth. You will eliminate wrinkles, make your complexion more elastic and smoother, get a permanent lifting effect without a scalpel. You will reduce cellulite, firm your body, slim down and shape your figure. The offer includes treatments for women with the highest requirements – with capillaries, sensitive, allergic, dry and dehydrated skin that fight free radicals, smooth wrinkles and restore the complexion’s healthy appearance. In Studio Sante Uzdrowisko Miejski you can use the latest diagnostics Vieva, SCIO, BEMER therapy. It helps in ailments for which traditional medicine has not yet found a cure! Thanks to your stay in SPA & Wellness, you will stimulate the body’s self-healing processes and regeneration at the physical, spiritual and emotional levels. You will return to full strength and health, and turn back time – all in the heart of Warsaw! A stay in the intimate SPA Studio of Sante Municipal Spa is reserved for persons over 16 years old. Studio Sante Uzdrowisko Miejskie is an absolutely unique SPA! And each of our guests is special to us!

Entrance to the Studio Sante zone is permitted only to those aged 16 years and older.