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Cranio-sacral therapy


Cranio-sacral therapy is a holistic therapeutic system which is recommended in comprehensive biological renewal processes, convalescence, and rehabilitation. It provides a strong stimulus for regeneration to the body and enhances healing processes. Cranio-sacral therapy exerts a positive influence on every aspect of the way we live – on our bodies, our minds, and emotions.




  • The therapy deeply loosens the body and relaxes the mind, leading to a specific blissful state in which awareness of one’s own body and its internal rhythms and pulses rises.
  • It mitigates headaches and migraines
  • It removes pain and tension from the back and limbs, and is useful in neuralgia and nerve pain treatment
  • It frees energy locked in the tissues and organs due to physical and mental trauma
  • It regulates digestive and excretion processes, stimulating the metabolism
  • It increases mobility range by loosening joints, muscles, and tendons (which is helpful for those who do sport, who are undergoing a period of convalescence after an operation, or rehabilitation due to contusion)
  • It increases the efficiency of internal organs and body systems
  • It prepares the pelvis and organs located there for successful insemination, fertilisation of the egg, and a healthy pregnancy
  • It very visibly restores vital forces
  • It restores or partially rebuilds mobility and sensation in those affected by stroke or other nervous system disorders
  • It improves the comfort and quality of life
  • It helps maintain internal balance
  • It builds immunity to physical and mental stress, and is an excellent stress-relief therapy
  • It rejuvenates and strengthens vital body reserves
  • It aids in states of physical and mental exhaustion